Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm posting again cuz my brother made a blog about his cute baby. and becuase i just recovered my password. which is: nowayImtellingyou

Monday, September 12, 2005

I've managed to have sort of a day off today, in that I only had a few hours of work to do, which I did, and everyone was all shittin themselves on account of my skillz. But I think it's just cuz they haven't had 3d in their projects till I showed up. What I do is, in my eyes, still marginal. But then again I see all kindsof 3d on dumb tv show intros and crappy ads and my stuff is better than that most of it. I'm probably exactly skilled enough to do what I'm doing, but not magically skilled enough to be working the latest Pixar joint. Which, by the way, I'm really excited about. Pixar now, without quesion, makes the best movies. The incredibles was noncredible. How much listless rambling can I put in this page? I'm going to put in a little more because I haven't had time to do much to this internet site-matic-dealy-whammer.. I'm so listless I must be ballasted with bullshit. I might publish some fictional memoirs for the special interest section of Barnes N noble.... "How I Explained Google Earth to Helen Keller in Under 30 Minutes" Should be a quick read, as it will be in braille morse code.

This is all for you, Linz. Read and be diverted from thy arduous labors. I'm not insisting you be entertained. I'm just sacrificing my poor old eyes, days after my bedtime, to kill just a bit more time for you at work. I'll rustle up some shots of what I been working on maybe. (edit: nope, not tonight, spent too much time on the handicapped -- sigh.... just another instance of the drain on society they all are)
I'll see yous guys tomorrow or today or not or something.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

So, like, I'm still working on stuff. Just made some swifty titles for good ole Redman and his new video Fuck Da Security, which translated into television comes out as Rush The Security.

I spent a lot of time. Haha haahaha this is a funny blog and i got work to do so keep being bored i'm not the cure this time around. Don't forget to rush your security before you go to bed.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

dooooooooooood! I was at work today from 8 am to 1 am. I count the commute as "at work" time because anything that prevents me from shuffling to the kitchen in my undies for more iced tea is WORK! Speaking of Ice-T, that's what i was working on at work, a dumb TV show hosted by Ice-T called Who's the Baddest. Certainly not Senor T. (I couldn't very well say Mr. T, could I?) He's all pretending he knows about being a badass... he's lookin mostly melted these days -- Like he's trying to smuggle a round bottom wok under his shirt. Oh Ice T! Get on witcho gangsta ass self! If he was still such a straight up playa as all that, he wouldn't be interviewing such originally named fighters as "Iceman".
This Meathook delivers some real mind expanding remarks such as "I like to fight" , "I like to beat people" , and "I kicked him in the head". All in all a very edifying program.

On another note, I won't be blogging anymore this week, cuz i wont have time cuzza work n stuff so eff stuff. I'm only up now because I ate a 3000 calorie steak, potato, cheddar cheese and mayo salad right when i got home, and I need to sit around drinking water lest my geothermal metabolism wake me up in volcano mode in the middle of the night. I'm bewildered and very sleepy. doooood.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Something just occurred to me.
I got an email from my dad, who, I'll sheepishly admit, lives downstairs. This email must have traveled from his computer, up the DSL line which runs right past my desk, outside, done a couple laps around the world, then back into the house, down the line past my desk again, into the modem on his desk, then back upstairs into my switch, then to this computer. I wonder how many starving Africans Google could have fed with all that wasted energy?

But that's not what just occurred to me.

The contents of Dad's email were a link to a NY Times article about the enteric nervous system, which is the neural network, or "brain" (for those of you without brains)which is built into the mammal gastrointestinal tract. More on why that article pertains to me in the future, but for now, I must reveal my epiphany.
What this means, in plainest terms, is that this guy has a brain growing out of his ass.

Damn I am one crazy fresh scientician.

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